A Yellow Bird Sings the Blues is a collection of poems that I wrote in a 3 month time period. Written in between 25 minute set times and late nights on the road for the last Vans Warped Tour. A beloved, traveling music festival that was coming to a close; a backdrop that would serve as a great metaphor moving forward. I am getting older, in my heart and in my surroundings. I feel intimidated by the growing age gap between myself and my audience and sometimes feel shame when I reflect on what I dreamed of being by the age of 30. I have, however, learned to appreciate the knowledge that I have gained from both my successes and my failures. This book is my first real attempt at tossing my words into the vast world of hopeful writers in hope that they’ll be heard. At the very least ease the transition as I depart from my 20’s


Oliver Baxxter.